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The Government has now advised all non-essential retail businesses to close.
Therefore we will be closed until we are told that it is safe to open again. 

We have worked incredibly hard with our young Trainees to ensure that, this year, our site looks the best it has ever done so as a Charitable organisation we are all feeling rather bowled over by the position we find ourselves in. However, we must do our part to deal with this devastating Covid-19 pandemic and we realise there are many many people in a worse situation than us. 

In preparation for summer we have been growing around 60,000 summer bedding plants and are also fully stocked with shrubs and herbaceous plants. Our industry is not well suited to online selling but if the current situation continues we may consider offering packs of plants, compost and other horticultural accessories for doorstep delivery to the Horsham area with telephone payments made by card. If this service might be useful to you please could you comment down below and share this post amongst your friends and neighbours so we have an indication of interest.

Please take care and follow the Government instruction by staying safe in your home leaving only when absolutely essential. We are grateful for your support in these difficult and uncertain times.

Don't forget when we do re-open we have some fantastic plants and shrubs available for your gardens. 

House plants 🌿

Did you know indoor plants can improve the air quality in a home by absorbing chemicals meaning some houseplants could act as natural air filters in your house.
As well as other health benefits like reducing stress, house plants can really make a house a home by bringing some colour and character to a room.
Here at Camelia Botnar we have a wide section of indoor plants with great prices to match.

We are now operating a delivery service to our local area. As we have a very limited number of staff and need to work safely sales are currently restricted to bundle offers which are listed on our Facebook page here:




Please scroll down through the posts to see what we have to offer- we are adding more lines on a regular basis so please be patient if you can't see what you need. 

Kind regards and stay safe.

Camelia Botnar Garden Centre

Camelia Botnar Garden Centre made a donation of plants, soil and seeds to The Southwater Infant Academy for there Spring Fair. We hope the children enjoy planting them.

Octav Botnar, A Life: Biography by John Laughland


The Camelia Botnar Foundation was established in 1979 by Octav Botnar and his wife Marcela in memory of his only child Camelia who tragically died in a car crash at the age of 20. The Foundation aims to help disadvantaged young adults between the ages of 16-21. He died in 1998 at the age of 84 leaving the Camelia Botnar Foundation as his enduring legacy to helping young people in difficulty.

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